Hello from the Oral Surgery Academy

The idea behind The Oral Surgery Academy is very simple. We believe in all-round dental professionals and we want to help you become one. What we mean by that is that we often spend a lot of time honing our technical skills: how do I reduce the time I need to perform dental alveolar surgery? How do I become more confident in surgical procedures? Don't get us wrong, we believe this is critical and this is why all our Oral Surgery and Conscious Sedation courses are both hands-on and theoretical. However, we also believe it is important to nurture our leadership and spend time to become more productive or master our empathy or creative thinking. Yes, creative thinking: creativity simply means being able to come up with something new and we need that in our complex dental jobs. We believe this is essential to realise your full potential. We will publish resources and thoughts on how you can nurture your leadership in this Journal and the Library.

Also, our vision is to make The Oral Surgery Academy a global community of dental practitioners and academics that share the best of their knowledge in the areas of Oral Surgery and Conscious Sedation. We believe there's a bit of good everywhere hence keeping your eyes and ears open to others' points of views and methods is important. This is why you will see that our resources are from all over the world. We vet them of course so that you know you can trust them. 

Finally, we are open to hear your ideas. Talk to us at info@theoralsurgeryacademy.com