About Us

The Oral Surgery Academy, founded by Mr Roberto Sacco CDT, DDS, MSc, Pg Cert Sed, is a global platform for knowledge sharing in the area of oral and maxillofacial surgery.

We believe in professional and personal growth through learning and that learning very different perspectives and methods is crucial to develop your own style. This is why we share articles and resources from different schools and thoughts worldwide.

Our ultimate aim is to help dental professionals in their all-round development through global knowledge sharing.


We are open to different schools of thoughts and methods when it comes to oral and maxillofacial surgery techniques. The Journal is regularly updated with articles and videos about oral surgery as well as tips and resources for your all-round development.

The Library includes vetted resources we believe you’ll find useful for your day-to-day practice. They are free for you to enjoy. If you know of other useful resources you do not see here, email us and we will add them.


Most often we think that, to become an awesome professional, you only need to work on your technical skills. While this is essential, we are convinced that you also need to grow personally. This is why from time to time we share resources and tools useful to be more effective at what you do and, hopefully, happier where you are.