Hands-on Minor Oral Surgery training for young Dentists

Are you a newly qualified Dentist and about to start your new job? May-be you've been working for few months to a year. In any case, you want to acquire more confidence in your Minor Oral Surgery practice. What does it take to deliver teeth effectively with the elevator? How do you become good at suturing surgical flaps? How do you find an application point to deliver teeth? What's the best way to manage your patients' anxiety and when is it better to refer them? 

At the Oral Surgery Academy, we believe knowledge is strength and can help you in two ways.

1. Our hands-on Minor Oral Surgery courses are designed to enhance you skills in the main surgery techniques. You will practice on animal tissue and/or artificial models guided by our expert trainers. Our classes have limited places available to ensure you get enough time with our trainers. As a young Dentist, you can benefit from our special discount of 20% off all our 2018 courses until 31/12/17 with the code YOUNGDENTIST18 at check-out.

2. If you need 1:1 mentorship on any clinical cases, our expert trainers can help you by guiding you through the case on the day directly at your dental practice. You can choose to have a consultation with them to prepare the case the days before. Whatever your challenge, talk to us and we'll tell you how we can help either with a one-off mentorship session or a longer programme. We are flexible.

Our expert trainer, Mr Roberto SaccoCDT, DDS, MSc, Pg Cert Sedis a UK-registered Oral Surgeon and works at King’s College Hospital, UCL's Eastman Dental Institute and Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry where he is heavily involved in dental education, and training of undergraduate and postgraduate students. He's been in your position before and has mentored many students and young dentists overcome their fears.

Write us at info@theoralsurgeryacademy.com if you have any questions, we are all ears.

At the Oral Surgery Academy, our aim is to develop all-round dental professionals. It essence, we believe that improving your leadership skills is as important as honing your technical expertise. On our web site you will find free resources and posts on how to self-improve as an individual in addition to how to improve your clinical skills.